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Press release – The Embassy of Azerbaijan in France takes Charjoum to court for having informed on its relays of influence.

On May 11 at 9:30 a.m., Charjoum will be summoned before the President of the Judicial Court of Nanterre by the Azerbaijani Embassy in France. The Embassy accuses us of having published on our social networks a publication with the names of personalities who openly support the interests of the Azerbaijani dictatorship in France.
Our publication, based on public and verifiable sources, aims to inform the public about the networks of influence of Azerbaijan, which relies on these personalities in France to restore its image. This publication is a matter of our freedom of expression and our duty of civic vigilance, towards an authoritarian and corrupted regime, which respects neither human rights nor international law.
Accustomed to gagging procedures against journalists, activists and citizens criticizing the power, including in France, the Azerbaijani state, through its Embassy, aims to silence and intimidate us.

The Embassy demands the immediate withdrawal of our publication on our social networks and on our website as well as the sums of €10,000 in damages, €3,000 for abusive resistance and finally €3,000 in refund for legal costs. .
We denounce this attempt of censorship, which aims to muzzle any criticism and opposition of the Azerbaijani regime through the instrumentalization of French justice.
We call on all defenders of the Armenian cause and broader, all those attached to justice and the dignity of peoples, to mobilize and support us during the summary hearing to be held Thursday, May 11 at 9:30 a.m., Room C of the Nanterre courthouse where we will appear with our lawyer Martin Pradel to assert our rights and defend our dignity.
We count on your presence and your solidarity to face this legal procedure revealing the maneuvers of Azerbaijan. It does not stop our determination to defend the rights of Armenians.

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